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Corrales Hemporium


We opened our doors in February of 2019.  We're located in a former residence that has 4000+ sq feet of space. 

It is filled with CBD products, Delta 8, Hemp clothing & products, local art, antiques & collectibles! 

We recently received our Recreational Cannabis Retailer License!  We are thrilled to add quality cannabis products to our inventory. Our QUAINT JOINT offers you a secure, quiet space to make your selections with the personalized assistance from our certified budtenders.  (Must be 21 to enter the room.)

Corrales Hemporium is a warm, inviting space that lends itself to our goal which is to provide quality products for you, your health, and wellbeing and some specialty items for pure enjoyment! 

Experience the allure and quaintness of the Village of Corrales as you sip a beverage and relax on our outdoor patio.  Treat yourself to some respite from the fast pace of the rest of the world. 

(*No consumption of THC products on the premises is allowed.  Consumption of CBD items are allowed.)



Corrales Hemporium has been voted one of the TOP FIVE CBD stores in the city!

Muchas Gracias  to our customers for voting for us.  There's lots of competition out there and we are delighted to receive this recognition and honor. If you haven't been in before, drop by and see what we have to offer!

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